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The Home page provides a complete visual overview of all the teaching classes scheduled for a particular day and time during a particular course period and all the pupils participating in these classes.

From this page the attendance of each pupil can be checked either by using the "Check-In" function allowing the use of bar coded cards or individually by clicking on the plus sign to the left of the pupils name.

The current booking can be modify or new class bookings or make-up bookings can be created for each pupil and the booking can be transferred manually into the next course allowing the processing of deposits paid. Underlined items provide direct links to member and invoice information.

Booking information not only includes the pupil's name but also the birthday and age, the start date, the type of lesson (Normal Course lessons {T}, Make-ups {M}, Waitlist {W}, Hold {H} and Reserve {R}, the number of lessons for the teaching period, the cost per lesson and a booking specific message field.

Each teaching station is displayed visually distinct through colour coding. Colour coding is also used to indicate; if a pupil has rebooked for the next teaching period (the "BookID" field changes to that of the class station); if a pupil is not returning (the "BookID" field changes to orange), if there is some outstanding fees (the "PupilName" field changes to red); if the pupil has a birthday today (the "Birthdate" field changes to red); if the pupil has some special needs (the "Age" field changes to orange; when a "Ticket note" has been created for this member (the "Message" field changes to yellow); the "Type" field changes depending on the class type.

Home page when using Member Check-in:

Home page Header when using Pupil Check-in:

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