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The "Check In" page provides an easy way to check-in an entire family using bar coded cards and a bar code scanner or by entering the membership number using the keyboard.  When configured to check-in pupils, the normal attendance is automatically recorded when the bar coded card is scanned.  Should the pupil attend a make-up class or tries to attend on the wrong day the operator will be prompted to process attendance manually as shown below in picture 2 and 3.

The page displays some of the member, invoice and all the current booking information of each pupil in the teaching program including the attendance card and provides direct access to additional information through the links provided (underlined items).

Using this process will inform the operator when a space becomes available for a pupil placed on the current member waitlist.

Member Check-in:

Pupil Check-in requesting assistance:

Pupil Check-in indicating why assistance is required:

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